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Mechanism :

Copper is an essential trace element. It is a cofactor for various enzymes. It is required for the formation of transferrin and the maintenance of erythropoiesis.  There by maintain normal rates of red and white cell formation that help prevent development of deficiency symptomes.

Indication :

  • Dietary Supplementation

Contraindications :

  1. Caution in:

- Wilson disease

- Hepatic impairment

- Premature infants

Dosing :

Available as capsules and tablets of 5 mg and as solution (iv) of 0.4 mg/ml (10 ml).
Dose for parenteral nutrition: 20 mcg/kg/day IV.
Recommended Dietary Allowance:
0-6 months old: 200 mcg per day.
7-12 months old: 220 mcg per day.
1-3 years old: 340 mcg per day.
3-8 years old: 440 mcg per day.
8-13 years old: 700 mcg per day.
13-18 years old: 890 mcg/day.

Adverse Effect :

  1.  Nausea, vomiting
  2.  Hepatic dysfunction

Interaction :

Alternate use recommended:

  1.  Baloxavir marboxil: Copper decreases the of this drug by binding to it in the GIT.

Close monitoring required:

  1.  Tetracyclines eg: Omadacyline, Sarecycline: Copper decreases the level of these drugs by inhibiting its absorption.
  2.  Penicillamine: Copper is an antagonist and hence decreases its action.

Minor: The following drugs decrease the level of copper by inhibiting its GI absorption.

  1.  Ascorbic acid
  2.  Trientine

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