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Dornase Alpha

Synonyms :

Recombinant Human Deoxyribonuclease, rhDNase

Mechanism :

Dornase alfa is a highly purified solution of recombinant human deoxyribonuclease 1 (rhDNase), an enzyme which selectively cleaves DNA.

Indication :

• Cystic fibrosis. It hydrolyses the DNA present in sputum/mucus of cystic fibrosis patients and reduces viscosity in the lungs.

Contraindications :

Patients with known hypersensitivity to dornase alfa, Chinese Hamster Ovary cell products or any component of the product.

Dosing :

2.5 mg as a nebulized solution once or twice daily.

Adverse Effect :

Abdominal pain, chest pain, pharyngitis, rhinitis, flu syndrome, urticaria, alteration in voice.

Interaction :

Can be effectively and safely used in conjunction with standard cystic fibrosis therapies including oral, inhaled and/or parenteral antibiotics, bronchodilators, enzyme supplements, vitamins, oral or inhaled corticosteroids, and analgesics. No formal drug interaction studies have been performed.

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