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Competing Interests and Disclosures
Competing Interests
Pediatric Oncall Journal requires that all parties involved in a publication (i.e. the authors, reviewers and academic editors) should transparently declare any potential Competing Interests (also known as Conflicts of Interest). The disclosure of a Competing Interest does not necessarily mean that there is an issue to be addressed; it simply ensures that all parties are appropriately informed of any relevant considerations while they work on the submission.

Pediatric Oncall requires detailed disclosure by all authors of any potential or actual interests relevant to the topic(s) discussed in submitted manuscripts. This policy is not intended to prevent authors with financial or other interests from publishing their work. However, it is the responsibility of the journal to provide reviewers and readers with full disclosure to ensure scientific integrity. Disclosures will be shared in full with reviewers. Disclosures will be published with accepted articles if deemed appropriate by the editors. If no potential or actual interests are disclosed, a statement to that effect will be published.

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