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Patients & Research Participants
Information that could potentially reveal the identity of a patient or study participant should not be included unless this information is essential for scientific purposes and the patient (or the patient’s parent or legal guardian) provides written informed consent. Informed consent requires that the patient (or the patient’s parent or legal guardian) be provided a copy of the manuscript to be published before providing consent. If informed consent is required, it must be stated that written informed consent was obtained, or, the authors must state that, to the best of their knowledge, no information that could identify patients or research participants is contained in the article.

Authors are also required to affirm that any research involving human subjects submitted to the journal was conducted in accordance with the ethical standards of all applicable national and institutional committees (e.g., IRB protocols) and with the World Medical Association’s Helsinki Declaration.

For research involving animal subjects, the journal requires the authors affirm that a study submitted for consideration was conducted in accordance with relevant institutional and national guidelines for the care and use of laboratory and other animals.

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