Methy alcohol

It is a colorless, volatile, aromatic liquid, present in some illicit liquors, paint removers and varnish

Route :
Absorption from skin, respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract.
Fatal Dose :
60 – 200ml
Fatal Period :
1 – 3days
Mechanism of action :
Its rate of oxidation is 1, 5th of that of ethanol and therefore there is accumulation oh methyl alcohol and its metabolites – formaldehyde and formic acid, which are very toxic to brain and optic nerve.
Clinical Picture :
• There are cramps in abdomen
• Marked muscular weakness and dizziness
• Depresses cardiac and respiratory actions
• Marked acidosis
• Effect on central nervous system:
1. Blurring of vision, diminution of visual fields, sudden and complete blindness
2. Unconsciousness and coma
3. Convulsions and death

Treatment :
• Gastric lavage with 5 percent sodium bicarbonate
• Antidote- Ethyl alcohol-1ml, kg, day as 111o percent solution I.V. for 5 days. Even 4-methyl pyrazole is considered to be a better antidote.
• Treat acidosis
• In severe cases - haemodialysis

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