It is used a herbicide and a weed killer. It is produced commercially as a brownish concentrated liquid of the dichloride solution 10 to 30 percentstrength
Route :
Ingestion, inhalation, skin or eye contact
Fatal Dose :
3 to5gm
Fatal Period :
2 to 5 days
Mechanism of action :
Paraquat undergoes reduction to form a free radicals which disrupt cellular functions, structure and cell death. cconcentrated solutions corrode G.I. mucosa
Clinical Picture :
•Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
•Oliguria, non-oliguric renal failure
•Irritation of skin, mucous membranes of nails, conjunctiva nd nasal mucosa
•Cough, hemoptysis, dyspnoea
•Coma, convulsions

Treatment :
•Gastric lavage to be done immediately
•Emetics and catharics are contraindicated
•1 litre of 15 to 30 percent aqueous solution of Fullers earth or 7 percent bentonite are given to absorb paraquat, followed by 20 percent Mannitol. If the absorbent has not appeared in the stool in the next 6 hours, dose of cathartic to be repetaed
•Peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis
•Avoid oxygen therapy
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