Dr. Ira Shah : What is Cirrhosis? | Pediatric oncall

Dr. Ira Shah : What is Cirrhosis? | Pediatric oncall
Dr. Ira Shah explaining about cirrhosis.

+ Diffuse Process characterized by fibrosis and nodular regeneration
+ Initially considered irreversible
+ Now can be reversed if adequately treated
+ Final stage of several types of progressive liver disease

2:09 - Causes of cirrhosis in children

Younger children -
-Billiary atresia
-inherited syndromes of intrahepatic cholestasis

Older children
-chronic viral hepatitis - HBV,HCV
- autoimmune diseases
- Wilson's diseases
- Fatty liver disease

2:13 Clinical Evalution for cirrhosis
- History
- Birth history - neonatal cholestasis
- Family history of jaundice - PFIC, HBV
- Clay stools, itching - obstructive jaundice
- Neurological disorders - Wilsons
- BMI - Fatty Liver
- Examination - signs of liver cell failure
- Bleeding manifestations
- Ascites
- Shrunken liver

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