Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction

Eswaran Subramaniam
Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction - Treatment
Instead of seeing drug use as a purely medical problem, it is helpful when a Bio-Psycho-Socio-Spiritual approach is used for understanding the drug use and its intervention. Responses to substances can be very individualistic and personalised plan to meet the specific needs of the individual often gives improved results.
The steps include:
• Early identification & education.
• Confidential and non-judgemental approach.
• Evaluate for co-occurring disorders and treat them.
• Evaluate own attitudes about substance use/ dependence.
• Hospitalisation whenever indicated.
• Safe Detoxification (use appropriate medications) preferably under specialist care.
• Psychotherapy.
• Behaviour therapy.
• Involvement of family or close relatives in treatment.
• Relapse prevention programs and anti-craving medications.
• 12 step programs- Alcoholic Anonymous (AA).

Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction 02/29/2016
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