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Consultant Pediatrician, B.J.Wadia Hospital for Children, Mumbai, India
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Development Milestones

Development is referred to the acquisition of a variety of competencies for functioning optimally in society. In general, it is assessed by the achievement of milestones. Developmental delay (Delayed milestones) is considered when the child does not reach the milestone expected at his/her age.

Age Milestone
6 weeks Smiles, Coos 
Some amount of head control 
Startles on sudden noise
4 months Achieves head control
6 months Can sit or try to sit 
Enjoys bath
Plays peek-a-boo 
Puts things in mouth 
Responds to own name
Starts rolling over 
9 months Shows objects to mother 
Pats mirror image 
Speaks "mama" "dada" 
Understands "No" 
Crawls, pulls to stand 
Waves "Ta ta"
12 months Comes when called
Finds hidden objects 
Understands some words 
Throws objects 
Walks with support 
Cruises round furniture
18 months Can self spoon feed 
Does dusting, sweeping 
Can point to 3 body parts 
Say 6-8 words 
Builds tower of 3-4 cubes 
Walks well on his own 
Can climb stairs
24-30 months Dry by day 
Speak 2-3 word pleases 
Has vocabulary of 50 words 
Puts on shoes, socks 
Can climb down stairs 
Run, kick ball
3-4 years Goes to toilet on his own 
Sings nursery rhymes 
Can count to 10 
Gives full name 
Can speak 3-5 word sentences
Can match colors 
Can climb down stairs like an adult
4-5 years Can dress himself except for tying laces or tie 
Can count upto 20 
Can speak grammatical speech
Can catch a ball, skip and hop.

If the developmental milestones are found to be delayed, early referral to the pediatrician should be made.

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