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After the Anaphylaxis
Accidents are never planned, so patients and their families need to be prepared in case anaphylaxis recurs. When the trigger is identified, methods of avoidance and mechanisms of cross-contamination (especially food) should be reviewed. Patients should be educated to recognize their symptoms early and to treat themselves quickly rather than waiting to see if symptoms progress. All patients with anaphylaxis should have an Epinephrine auto-injector and receive instructions in its use. Children who are old enough to understand and all their caretakers (including parents, baby-sitters, extended family, teachers) should receive the same education even if it is “passed down” from the parents.

Anaphylaxis Management Plans are useful for schools and home. The written plan should include the triggers and symptoms to look for. It should identify the order in which medications should be administered and the correct doses. Schools should clearly note where medications are stored and what personnel other than the nurse should do in the event of a severe reaction (e.g., call emergency services, crowd control, etc.). Physicians should consider having “mock code” anaphylaxis drills in their offices including the same components of care.

Anaphylaxis is a rapidly progressive, potentially life-threatening condition requiring immediate treatment. Physicians should be prepared to treat anaphylaxis and to educate their patients in the event of recurrence. A detailed history and judicious testing frequently identifies the trigger allowing patients to actively avoid re-exposure.

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