Limb Length Inequality

Ashok Johari
Limb Length Inequality - Complications
Inspite of all recent advances, limb-lengthening surgery is fraught with complications relating to the bone and joint, muscles, vessels and nerves. The commonest problems are:
- Pin track infection, which is prevented by proper pin track care. If this is not controlled pin loosening is inevitable.
- Joint deformities and loss of range of motion because of the pull on the muscles during lengthening. This requires sustained physiotherapy.
- Malpositioning of the bone fragments and consequent deformity because of selective muscle pull, the stronger muscles pulling the bone in their direction. This requires correction during lengthening or after it but before the bone consolidates.
- Vessel and nerve damage by improperly placed 'k' wires - a complication peculiar to the ring devices, which employ 'k' wires. These can be prevented by proper study of limb cross sectional anatomy.

Limb Length Inequality Limb Length Inequality 02/20/2001
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