Inguinal Swelling

Vivek M. Rege
Inguinal Swelling - Complications
Even after a routine surgery for hernia or hydrocele, there are a few complications that are known. One of these is that due to the surgery of separating the cord structures from the hernial sac, there may be a dependant swelling or edema in the scrotum of the side of surgery. This swelling comes up within a day or two after surgery and disappears on its own after a few days there is no need for worry or concern. At times, there may also be a discoloration of the scrotum due to trickling of blood into the scrotum. Also swelling in the inguinal region that lasts for a few weeks is seen after surgery and again goes away by itself. There is one complication that can occur if the surgery is not done delicately and will not be obvious at that time, that is, the damage or rupture or crushing of the vas deferens due to rough handling of the tubular structure that takes the sperms from the testis into the urethra for ejaculation at a later date. The vas is blocked and the sperms cannot reach in the urethra and the number is reduced. This will be known only later in life when the child is a man and is being investigated for infertility. Wound infection or reaction to the suture material used is another common complication. This settles down by itself with medicines. After this operation, at least 6 weeks are required for the muscles that have been sutured to get their proper strength back. Till this time the child is not allowed sports and exercises. The chances of recurrence of this hernia are very little unless a high ligation of the sac was not done at the time of the surgery. When surgery has been done on one side, it is advisable to tell the mother to look for a similar swelling coming up on the other side later. The chances are remote in children above 3 - 4 years, but in infants, there may be a 50 % chance of the other side also being open but becoming obvious later. In such cases the opposite side needs to be done whenever it presents.

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