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Intussusception - Investigations
In a suspected case of intussusception, Ultrasonography is ideal. This will pick up the mass of the intestines that will look like concentric circles within each other called target sign. The diagnosis can be very accurate. With addition of color Doppler study simultaneously, the blood flow to the segments of the intestine can be seen and gangrene can be picked up. An older method of diagnosis is a Barium Enema.In this a tube in inserted into the rectum of the child and liquid white Barium is injected into the child and allowed to flow and seen on the x ray machine. A negative shadow is seen and the barium flows like a pincer around the shadow in the center. Diagnosis can be confirmed by these methods.

Figure: Ba enema showing intussusception
Ba enema showing intussusception

Intussusception Intussusception 01/06/2001
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