Fibromyalgia Diagnostic Calculator

I. Widespread Pain Index (WPI) Areas with pain over the past week.
Jaw, left
Jaw, right
Shoulder girdle, left
Shoulder girdle, right
Upper arm, left
Upper arm, right
Lower arm, left
Lower arm, right
Upper back
Lower back
Hip (buttock, trochanter), left
Hip (buttock, trochanter), right
Upper leg, left
Upper leg, right
Lower leg, left
Lower leg, right
II. Symptom Severity Score (SS scale score) For the each of the 3 symptoms below, indicate the level of severity over the past week.
Waking unrefreshed
Cognitive symptoms
Considering somatic symptoms in general, the patient has
III. Duration
IV. Etiology

Result :
WPI: 0
SS scale score: 0
DOES NOT MEET CRITERIA: Symptoms at a similar level of at least 3 months. Pain can be attributed to another etiology. SS scale score of 5 or more AND WPI of 7 or more.


Wolfe (2010) Arthritis Care Res 62:600

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