Diagnostic Dilemma

Spastic Diplegic CP or Neurodegenerative disorder

A 5 years old previously normal boy was detected to have gait abnormality at 3.5 years. Parents showed the child to a paediatric orthopaedician who made the diagnosis of spastic diplegic CP and advised MRI Brain which was normal. He was advised physiotherapy and swimming exercises. But after the physiotherapy was started the child's stiffness increased, child is unable to walk, sit without support or stand without support. He has predominantly core muscle weakness with normal IQ. He has been evaluated by a pediatric neurologist tested for all metabolic disorders, all the test reports are normal. Perinatal history was normal baby was delivered by LSCS because of meconium stained amniotic fluid, APGAR score normal, baby had cried immediately after birth.

Is this spastic diplegia or any other neurodegenerative disorder?
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ponha heng
spatic diplegia
7 years ago
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