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Diagnostic Dilemma  →   Delayed development with light hair
Purpura Fulminans
Pediatric Oncall
A 3 years old boy is found to have dry gangrene of right index finger, left little finger and 2nd and 3rd left toe. He had fever for 3 months and an erythematous rash 15 days ago.
Urinary tract infection
Pediatric Oncall
A 10 month old girl presented with increased frequency of micturation, pain on passing urine and vomiting for 3 days. There is no fever, oliguria or refusal of feeds. On examination, there is no signi....
Pediatric Oncall
A 4 months old boy presented with cough for 5 days, fever for 2 days and breathlessness for 1 day associated with refusal of feeds and irritability. There is no altered sensorium or vomiting. On looki....
Swelling over forearm and back
Pediatric Oncall
A 12 years old girl presented with fever for 3 days and painful swelling over the left forearm and left side of back for 2 days. There is no history of trauma or fall. On examination, there was a fluc....
Pediatric Oncall
A 2½ months old boy born of non-consanguineous marriage presented with fever and staring look. He was admitted in a hospital and CSF was suggestive of pyomeningitis. He was treated with IV antibiotics....
Pediatric Oncall
A 7-month-old boy born of non-consanguineous marriage presented with fever and irritability for 7 days and a staring look one day ago. Subsequently the child had become lethargic and did not recognize....
Neonatal cholestasis
Pediatric Oncall
A 4-month-old female child born of non-consanguineous marriage presented with jaundice and high colored urine since birth. There was no history of clay colored stools. On examination, the child had ic....
Acute hemolysis
Pediatric Oncall
A twelve years old male child born of third degree consanguineous marriage presented with fever for 10 days and high colored urine for 5 days. On examination, he had pallor, icterus and splenohepatome....
Fever with multiple convulsions
Pediatric Oncall
A 2 month old boy born of non-consanguineous marriage presents with fever and cough of 3 days and multiple episodes of generalized tonic clonic convulsions in past 2 days. The child has 6-7 episodes o....
Six Months Old with Uprolling of Eyes
Pediatric Oncall
A 6 months old girl born of non consanguineous marriage presented with multiple episodes of uprolling of eyes associated with bluish discoloration of lips and fingers. There was no loss of consciousne....
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