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Diagnostic Dilemma  →   Antituberculous drugs and rash
PUO with hematuria
Pediatric Oncall
A 10 years old girl presented with fever for a month and microscopic hematuria. She had persistent headache. There was no organomegaly and systemic examination was normal. On investigations, hemogram,....
Forgotten dog bite
Pediatric Oncall
A 10 years old boy had a dog bite by a street dog a year ago. The boy did not inform his parents that he had a dog bite. A year later, he informed his parents about the dog bite. The street dog was not seen after a few days after the bite.
Acute hepatitis with Positive Hepatitis A virus IgM and Positive HBsAg
Pediatric Oncall
A 9 1/ 2 years old boy was diagnosed to have acute hepatitis. The referring pediatrician had done Hepatitis A virus {HAV} IgM which was positive. HBsAg which was also positive. Mother was also HBsAg p....
Skin TB with Vascular occlusion
Pediatric Oncall
A 3 years old girl presented with hyper pigmented macules over left inguinal region. She was diagnosed to have cutaneous TB on skin biopsy and was on anti TB therapy for past 1 year. A repeat skin bio....
Granuloma – Is it TB_?
Pediatric Oncall
A 15 years old boy was diagnosed to have neurocysticercosis in June 2011. CT scan showed left parietal nodular lesion with mild perilesional edema with tiny scolex. A repeat MRI scan in July 2011 show....
Is it NK cell deficiency_?
Pediatric Oncall
A 3½ years old girl born of third degree consanguineous marriage presented in Dec 2014 with recurrent fever for the past 8 months. She had suffered from liver abscess in March 2014 {ultrasound showed ....
Epidural and psoas abscess
Pediatric Oncall
A 4½ years old girl presented with fever and frontal headache for 15 days with lower limb tightness for 10 days. Her physician did a cerebrospinal fluid analysis that showed 3900 cells, hpf {78 percen....
Persistent pleural effusion
Pediatric Oncall
A 12 years old boy presented with fever and dry cough for 1 month. He was detected to have right sided pleural effusion. His elder brother had fibrocavitatory TB and was on antituberculous therapy {AT....
Pediatric Oncall
A 2½ years old boy suffering from steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome on cyclophosphamide and steroids and on antituberculous therapy {ATT} since past 10 months was referred for further management. H....
Pediatric Oncall
A 1 year old girl born of non consanguineous marriage presented with fever, cough and cold for 4 days and respiratory distress for one day. She had delayed milestones. Birth history was normal. On exa....

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