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Jaundice, skin rash and anemia
Pediatric Oncall
This girl presented with jaundice, skin lesions and anemia of 15 days duration. She was diagnosed to have epilepsy and was started on phenytoin 2 months ago.
Pneumonia in a 4 month old
Pediatric Oncall
A 4-month-old boy presented with fever, cough, cold for 5 days and breathlessness for 1 day with decreased appetite. He was a full term normal delivery without antenatal or postnatal complications on ....
Hyperpigmentation with hypoglycemia
Pediatric Oncall
A 1½ months old girl born of non-consanguineous marriage at full term presented with uprolling of eyeballs 3 days ago. She had a similar episode on Day 3 of life. There was no fever. Parents had notic....
Diarrhea with blood in stools
Pediatric Oncall
An eight year old girl presented with diarrhea and blood in stools for 3 days associated with tenesmus and fever. Stools were watery associated with mucus 8-10 times/day. There was no history of vomiting, oliguria.
Anemia with hepatosplenomegaly
Pediatric Oncall
A 2½-month-old girl born to a primigravida mother presented with pallor. Mother was 24 years old. There is no history of jaundice, blood loss or trauma. The child was on exclusive breast feeds. On exa....
Irritability in a one and a half years old boy
Pediatric Oncall
A 1½ years old boy presented with fever and cough for 4 days. He had similar complaints 1 month ago for which he was hospitalized and treated with intravenous antibiotics for 7 days. He was admitted f....
Fever and Ileus
Pediatric Oncall
A 22 months old girl presented with fever for 10 days, diarrhea and abdominal distension for 3 days. On examination, she was pale, heart rate was 104/min, capillary refill time (CRT) was < 3 seconds. ....
Pediatric Oncall
A 5 years boy born of non-consanguineous marriage presented with ataxia, frequent falls during walking and weakness of lower limbs for 1 year. Mother also noticed intermittent tremulousness of lower l....
Vomiting in a child with epilepsy
Pediatric Oncall
A 4½ years old boy presented with vomiting for 3 days. He has epilepsy since 1½ years of age and has an episode of seizure once in 15 days. He was on carbamazepine and phenytoin for the same. Carbamaz....
Pediatric Oncall
An 11-month-old boy born of non-consanguineous marriage presented with a cough for 15 days and fever and breathlessness for 3 days. He had similar complaints at the age of 7 months and was hospitalize....
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