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Mechanism :

Betaxolol is a cardioselective (beta-1-adrenergic) receptor blocking agent. It does not have significant membrane-stabilizing (local anesthetic) activity and is devoid of intrinsic sympathomimetic action.

Indication :

  • Chronic open angle glaucoma

Contraindications :

Hypersensitivity to any component of this product.

Although ophthalmic betaxolol has minimal systemic effects, as with all beta-adrenergic blocking agents, it should not be used in patients with sinus bradycardia, atrioventricular block greater than first degree, cardiogenic shock, or patients with overt cardiac failure.

Dosing :

0.25% suspension. The usual dose is 1 drop of betaxolol ophthalmic suspension in the affected eye(s) twice daily.

Adverse Effect :

Decreased corneal sensitivity, erythema, itching sensation, corneal punctate staining, keratitis, anisocoria and photophobia, insomnia and depressive neurosis, bradycardia.

Interaction :

Epinephrine: Although ophthalmic betaxolol used alone has little or no effect on pupil size, mydriasis resulting from concomitant therapy with epinephrine has been reported occasionally.
Beta-Adrenergic Blocking Drugs, or Catecholamine-Depleting Drugs: Close observation of the patient is recommended when a beta-blocker is administered to patients receiving oral beta-adrenergic blocking drugs, or catecholamine-depleting drugs such as reserpine, because of possible additive effects.

Concomitant Adrenergic Psychotropic Drugs: Caution should be exercised in patients using concomitant adrenergic psychotropic drugs.

Hepatic Dose :

No dosage adjustments are recommended.
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