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Mineral Oil

Mechanism :

Eases passage of stool by decreasing water absorption and lubricating the intestine; retards colonic absorption of water.

Indication :

  • Temporary relief of occasional constipation (oral and rectal usage)

Contraindications :

Oral: Children <6 years, pregnancy, bedridden patients, elderly, use longer than 1 week, or difficulty swallowing.

Dosing :

6 to <12 years:
Plain (non-emulsified) liquid: 5 to 15 mL in 24 hours (Maximum: 15 mL in 24 hours). May be taken as a single dose (at bedtime) or in divided doses.
Suspension (emulsion): 10 to 30 mL daily (Maximum: 30 mL daily). May be taken as a single dose or divided in up to 3 equal divided doses.
≥12 years:
Plain (non-emulsified) liquid: 15 to 45 mL in 24 hours. Maximum: 45 mL in 24 hours.
Suspension (emulsion): 30 to 90 mL daily. Maximum: 90 mL daily.

Adverse Effect :

Abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, oily rectal leakage, vomiting.

Interaction :

Phytonadione: Mineral Oil may decrease the serum concentration of Phytonadione.
Vitamin D Analogs: Mineral Oil may decrease the serum concentration of Vitamin D Analogs.
Multivitamins/Minerals (with ADEK, Folate, Iron): Mineral Oil may decrease the serum concentrations.

Hepatic Dose :

No dose adjustments are recommended.
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