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Sebelipase Alfa


Mechanism :

Sebelipase alfa catalyses the lysosomal hydrolysis of cholesteryl esters and triglycerides to free cholesterol, glycerol, and free fatty acids.

Indication :

• Lysosomal acid lipase (LAL) deficiency

Contraindications :

Life-threatening hypersensitivity to sebelipase or any component of the formulation.

Dosing :

Start with 1 mg/kg IV once weekly; if response not optimal, may increase to 3 mg/kg once weekly.

Adverse Effect :

Chest discomfort, tachycardia, decreased oxygen saturations, headache, anxiety, hypotonia, urticarial, increase in LDL cholesterol, increased serum triglycerides, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, anemia, hypersensitivity reactions, anaphylaxis, immunogenicity, weakness, rhinitis, cough, nasopharyngitis, fever.

Interaction :

No known significant interactions.

10/23/2019 14:02:23 Sebelipase Alfa
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