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Acceptance Criteria
Relevance to readers is of major importance in manuscript selection. Pediatric Oncall Journal will consider manuscripts in the following categories: reports of original research, particularly clinical research; review articles; and case reports. Generally, all papers will be reviewed by at least two outside consultants who are selected by the editors based on their expertise in the topic of the manuscript. A report of original research will be judged on the importance and originality of the research, its scientific strength, its clinical relevance, the clarity with which it is presented, and the number of submissions on the same topic. The decision to publish is not based on the direction of results. Case reports are of interest only when they present a new entity or illustrate a major new aspect of a previously reported entity. If your manuscript is accepted, the editors reserve the right to determine whether it will be published in the print edition (which includes electronic publication) or only in the electronic edition of Pediatric Oncall.

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