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Instruction to Authors
Pediatric Oncall Journal is the official journal of Pediatric Oncall. It is premier pediatric journal with over 1,51,000 pediatricians, consultant physicians and specialists as members of Pediatric Oncall. Its popularity among the users is established by its hit rate of over 1.2 million hits/month, which is rapidly increasing. For practicing physicians the journal serves as an important source of updating themselves which helps them in the state of art practice of medicine. To show case your research, unusual case report that makes a difference in clinical practice, this is just the platform for you.

Author Policies
Author's Role and Responsibilities are:
Inform all co-authors of the submission of the manuscript to the journal (note: each co-author will receive a confirmation email upon submission and will need to confirm their authorship).
Ensure that the manuscript is in full adherence with all Pediatric Oncall policies (including such items as publication ethics, data deposition, materials deposition, etc).
Post Publication: Respond to all queries pertaining to the published manuscript, provide data and materials as requested.

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