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Effectiveness of External Bladder Stimulation for Collection of Urine Sample in Neonates
Anju Kapoor, Dinesh Mekle.
Department of Pediatrics, Peoples College of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.
Aim: To assess the efficacy of external bladder stimulation technique as a time saving non-invasive approach for clean catch urine sample collection compared to sterile bag collection method in neonates.
Methods: This was a non-blinded randomized control trial in neonates, admitted in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or post natal wards requiring urine analysis for various indications. One hundred twenty neonates were block randomized into two groups. For the collection of urine sample, study group was subjected to external bladder stimulation, while adhesive sterile perineal bag was used for control group.
Results: The new technique was successful in 53/60 (88.3%) neonates. Median time for sample collection was 55 seconds and Inter Quartile Range (IQR) of 40 seconds. Mean time for sample collection was 61.76 + 43.62 sec. In control group, success rate was seen in 52/60 (86.67%) patients. Median time for urine collection by bag was 70 min and IQR of 25 min and mean time of 68.7 + 20.45 min. Difference of median time taken for urine collection among study and control group (55 seconds versus 70 minutes respectively) was statistically significant (p <0.001).
Conclusion: External bladder stimulation is an effective, fast, non-invasive and safe method of urine sample collection in neonates which avoids long waiting time required by bag collection.

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