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Neurodevelopmental Outcomes of Premature Babies Born at Less Than 29 Weeks: A Descriptive Study at a Tertiary Care Referral NICU in South India.
Anita Nyamagoudar, Jenisha Jain, R Anil Ram, V Lakshmi, Mangalabharathi S, R Shanmugasundaram.
Department of Neonatology, Dr. Mehta’s Multispeciality Hospitals India Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Aim: To study the neurodevelopment outcomes of survivors at follow-up among
babies born at less than 29 weeks of gestation.
Methods: This descriptive study was carried out in preterm babies born at less than 29 weeks of gestational age in a tertiary care referral neonatal unit in south India. These babies were followed up for corrected age of 6 months and assessed for developmental by DASII (Developmental Assessment Scales for Indian Infants) scales. Motor and mental development quotient less than 85% was considered abnormal.
Results: Of the 117 admissions, 74 (63%) survivors were discharged from NICU. Five babies died after discharge from hospital and 5 babies had not reached corrected age of 6 months. Of the remaining 64 babies, 48 babies attended developmental clinic. Motor DQ was less than 85% in 14 (29%) babies. Mental DQ was less than 85% in 16 (33%) babies. Visual and auditory cognizance clusters were <10th percentile in 14 (29%) and 8 (17%) babies respectively. Refractive errors were diagnosed in 12 (25%) babies. Twenty-two (46%) babies had neurological impairment in either motor or mental domain. Intraventricular hemorrhage/periventricular hemorrhage (p<0.001), culture positive sepsis (p=0.004) and chronic lung disease at 36 weeks of postmenstrual age (p=0.019) were significantly higher in babies who had neuroimpairment when compared to babies that were normal (DQ > 85%) at follow-up.
Conclusion: About half of survivors of extremely low gestational age were developing
normally for age.

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