Hyponatremic Seizure in an Autistic Child associated with Excessive Water Intake with Herbal Medicine
Manoj Kumar Jangid1, Nilesh Panchal1, Patlolla Nitin Reddy2.
1Department of Pediatrics, NMC Royal Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
2Department of Pediatrics, London Neonatal Transfer Service, London, UK.
Self-treatment with herbal remedies is a common practice, both in healthy individuals and those with a medical problem with a belief of safe alternatives to prescription medicines. The same is true in the case of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) where many parents try different medicines in an attempt to improve overall health and behavioral problems. We present a 12-year-old autistic boy who developed seizures due to dilutional hyponatremia following the use of an herbal mixture with excessive water. He was managed with fluid restriction and had a complete recovery. This case highlights the potential dyselectrolytemia associated with practice of excessive water intake with some of the herbal medication and the need for clinicians to be aware of such practice among families.

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