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Clinical profile of Tuberculous Pleural Effusion in Children
Ankita Shah1, Sunayna Gurnani2.
1H B T Medical College and DR R N Cooper Municipal General Hospital, Mumbai, India,
2Seth G S Medical College, KEM Hospital, Mumbai, India.
Aim: To determine the age distribution, clinical and laboratory findings, and outcomes of patients with tuberculous pleural effusion (TPE).
Methods: This retrospective study was done over a period of 5 years in children between 1 month-15 years of age who were referred to our tertiary referral center with TPE.
Results: Seventy-six (5.3%) children were diagnosed with pleural effusion of which 43 (56.6%) patients had right-sided affection, 31 (40.8%) had left sided affection and 2 (2.6%) bilateral involvement. Mean age of presentation was 6.8±3.2 years. Mean ADA values in pleural fluid were 107.6±115.7 IU/L. High ESR was found in 58 (77.8%) with mean values of 79.1±28.5 mm at end of 1 hour. Left sided effusion was seen at a mean age of 7.9±3.5 whereas right sided effusion was seen at a mean age of 6.1±2.8 (p=0.016).
Conclusion: Most of the pleural effusions are seen in children <10 years of age and does not have a predilection for adolescents as mentioned in literature. Elevated ADA and ESR may suggest TPE. Though right sided effusion is more common, left sided effusion is seen in older children.

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