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Total Jejuno-Ileal Atresia-An Uncommon Condition
Aurel S. Mironescu, Liviu Muntean, Ecaterina Popa, Elena Georgescu.
Department of Pediatric Surgery, Brasov, Romania.
Intestinal atresia is commonly seen as one of the four types described in any of the specialty textbooks. None of those four types ever included a total jejuno-ileal atresia. We present the case of a one of the twin newborn infant, 34 weeks of gestation, 1300 g birth weight admitted in our department, for symptoms of high intestinal obstruction that proved to be an intestinal atresia of an unusual type, a total jejuno-ileal atresia. Inspite of this very serious malformation, the infant lived survived for over three months with just traditional methods of feeding.

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