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Mala Kumar, Shalini Avasthi, Ramakant Chaudhary.
Department of Pediatrics, Chhatrapati Sahuji Maharaj Medical University, Lucknow, India.
Objectives:To evaluate serum bilirubin by BilicheckTM (Transcutaneous Bilirubin-TcB) and by a standard biochemical method (Total serum bilirubin-TSB) and correlate the results of the two techniques in neonatal hyperbilirubinemia

Methods: All neonates admitted in neonatal unit having clinical jaundice requiring estimation of serum bilirubin irrespective of gestational age, birth weight, sex and race were enrolled in the study. Bilirubin levels were estimated by standard biochemical method (Automated Jendrassik and Grof method) and simultaneously with a noninvasive transcutaneous bilirubinometer. The clinical and demographic characteristics of the neonates were recorded. Statistical analysis was done for comparison between total serum bilirubin (TSB) and transcutaneous bilirubin by BilicheckTM.

Results: TcB values had a high correlation with TSB (r=0.96, r²= 0.92, TSB=11.9±5.5 mg/dl, Tcb=11.7± 4.6, p value= 0.072). This correlation coefficient was higher in preterm neonates (0.97) than term neonates (0.95). This BilicheckTM was more accurate for assessing neonates with TSB of 13 mg/dl or less. It tends to underestimate TSB when TSB levels were more than 15mg/dl.
Conclusion: The BilicheckTM is a very useful noninvasive device to assess TcB in term as well as preterm neonates. It works best at TcB levels less than 15 mg/dl.

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