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Antenatal Hydronephrosis: How Significant Is It?
SS Mane, S Jambhekar, KB Chaudhari, S Jagadish.
Department of Pediatrics, Grant Medical College & Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals, Mumbai, India.
Aim: To assess the outcome of antenatally reported renal anomalies on ultrasonography (USG) in the immediate postnatal period & to find correlation of urogenital anomalies with other congenital defects.

Methods: Prospective study conducted in a tertiary care centre in Mumbai over a period of 18 months in 45 babies whose antenatal USG had anomalies of urinary system. USG was done on day 3 of life along with a head to toe examination and systemic assessment.

Results: Thirty babies (66.7%) had pyelectasis and 15 (33.3%) had hydronephrosis on antenatal ultrasonography. Out of 42 babies with anteroposterior pelvic diameter (APPD) of <10 mm antenatally, 36 (85.7%) had normal postnatal scans whereas only 6 babies (14.3%) had abnormal postnatal ultrasonography. As opposed to this, all the 3 babies whose antenatal APPD was > 10 mm, had abnormal postnatal sonography. (p = 0.006). Also, a significant correlation was observed between ear, cardiovascular and urinary system abnormalities.

Conclusion: This study highlights that APPD of upto 1 cm on antenatal ultrasonography is within physiological limits and does not indicate significant renal anomaly. Most of such lesions resolve spontaneously during the course of their natural development.

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