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Funda Erol Cipe1, Figen Dogu2, Zeynep Siklar2, Bulent Hacihamdioglu2, Aydan Ikinciogullari1.
1Department of Pediatric Immunology and Allergy, Ankara University School of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey,
2Department of Pediatric Endocrinology, Ankara University School of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey.
Introduction: Recent studies have indicated that there might be a link between asthma and obesity in both children and adults. The aim of this study is to evaluate the prevelance of allergic symptoms, lung function tests and atopic sensitization in obese children.

Methods: Fifty children, who had body mass index (BMI) above 95% and admitted to hospital because of obesity between October 2010 and April 2011, were included to the study. ISAAC (International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood) questionnaire, skin prick tests and pulmonary function tests were performed in all participants.

Results: Six (12%)patients, showed a positive reaction to mites, grass pollens and molds in skin prick tests. In evaluation of ISAAC questionnaire, symptoms relating to asthma in 15 (30%) patients, allergic rhinitis in 31(62%) patients and atopic dermatitis in 6 (12%) patients were defined. Three (6%) patients were diagnosed as allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis confirmed by positive skin tests. The pulmonary function tests of patients with asthma related symptoms were not found to be significantly low in more obese patients

Conclusion: Asthma related symptoms like exercise intolerance, night cough and wheezing history were found to be related to allergic diseases in only few patients. So, it may be considered that these symptoms may be related to obesity and low exercise capacity rather than allergic asthma.

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