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Levels of Vitamin D in Patients of Childhood Asthma
Avinash Kumar, Ratan Gupta, P K Debata, Dinesh K Taneja, K C Aggarwal.
Department of Pediatrics, Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi.
Background: Lack of vitamin D has been linked to increased incidence of asthma in children. In this study we tried to find out the relation of vitamin D status in childhood asthma.
Methods: Hospital based analytical case control study. Vitamin D level was assessed in both cases and controls and its association with asthma was assessed in the age group 5- 12 years.
Results: Median serum 25 (OH) D was very low among cases 15.0 (IQR: 10•0, 19•5) as compared to controls 20•5 (IQR: 15•5, 28•0) and this difference was highly significant (p<0•001). However, Vitamin D deficiency was also found to be prevalent in our control population, with 47.6% having low serum Vitamin D levels. With multivariate analysis no relation was found between Vitamin D and the allergic markers [IgE & eosinophil count]. There was a significant relation between the low level of Vitamin D and the severity of asthma (p<0•001). The mean value of calcium was low and alkaline phosphatase and phosphate were higher in cases than the control group.
Conclusion: Though the causality of childhood asthma due to Vitamin D deficiency is not established, low Vitamin D is an aggravating factor for childhood asthma. Therefore, Vitamin D supplementation may be considered as an adjuvant therapy in asthmatic children.

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