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Preterm Twins with Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn from Rhesus Anti-C Antibodies after Oocyte Donation
Shilpa Kalane, Pradeep Suryawanshi, Umesh Vaidya.
Division of Neonatology,Department of Pediatrics, Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Maternal sensitization with rhesus anti-C antibodies is comparatively rare and may not be benign as seen in our case report. In pregnancies conceived using donor oocytes, the mother's blood group may differ from that of both the father and the oocyte donor, making blood group incompatibility more likely. We present twins, the result of a surrogate pregnancy using donor oocytes, born with hemolytic disease due to rhesus anti-C antibodies. Both infants required intensive phototherapy. Isoimmunization in the surrogate mother was not detected antenatally.

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