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Understanding Cow`s Milk Protein Allergy
Sumitha Nayak.
Consultant Pediatrician, The Children’s Clinic, Bangalore.
Food allergy is a growing international problem. Milk protein allergy can be found in up to 15% of infants and is among the top five allergy producing foods. Cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA) can occur in completely breast fed infants also. It is of two types: IgE mediated and non–IgE mediated CMPA. The immunologically mediated reactions can vary in severity. IgE mediated CMPA may give rise to immediate symptoms following the ingestion of cow’s milk. This is commoner in children than in adults. The non IgE mediated CMPA can produce symptoms an hour to several days later and can be mistaken for lactose intolerance. Elimination of cow’s milk in the diet may be associated with improvement of symptoms. The double blind placebo controlled food challenge (DBPCFC) is considered as the gold standard for the diagnosis of CMPA. Partially or extensively hydrolyzed formulas can be used as replacement feeds.

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