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Tetralogy of Fallot

S S Prabhu, Sumitra Venkatesh.
Division of Pediatric Cardiology, B J Wadia Hospital for Children, Mumbai.

S S Prabhu, Division of Pediatric Cardiology, B J Wadia Hospital for Children, Mumbai.
A 12 week old baby with cyanosis on crying and having grade II, VI ejection murmur in 2nd left intercostal space. Interpret ECG

  Tetralogy of Fallot
What is the diagnosis?

1} Heart rate of 150 , min {2} Rhythm – Sinus {3} QRS axis plus100,{4} PR interval -0.12 sec, QRS duration 0.09 sec, QTC- 0.4 sec. P and T axis are normal and QRS axis is 110°. Criteria of RVH –RV1 13mm, T wave in V 1, V2 at 12 weeks suggest {normally –ve by 5 days of life} systolic overload .
ECH suggestive of RV systolic overload – valvar or infundibular stenosis , pulmonary branch stenosis.
As the given case was a 12 week old child with intermittent cyanosis on crying with above ECG could suggest Tetralogy of Fallot {TOF} physiology .

E-published: June 2007, Vol 4 Issue 6 Art # 24
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