Aconite {Mitha-jahar, monks hood, blue rocket}

All parts of the plant are poisonous though the root is most poisonous. The root is conical and tapering and shows scars and is arched or shriveled with longitudinal wrinkles. The root is mistaken for horse-radish root

Route :
Absorption from skin
Fatal Dose :
1gm of root
Fatal Period :
6 hours
Mechanism of action :
Active principle: Main principle is aconitine, others are aconine, picraconitine, pseudoaconitine

Mechanism of action: It stimulates and then depresses the myocardium, smooth muscles, skeletal muscles, CNS and peripheral nerves.

Clinical Picture :
•Tingling and numbness initially at area of contact and then spreads to entire body
•Gastrointestinal irritation
•Increased sweating
•Giddiness, impaired speech and vision
•Limbs become weak and there is inability to walk
•Twichings and convulsions
•Pulse and respiration is decreased
•Alternate contraction and dilation of pupils{ HIPPUS REACTION}
•Multiple ectopic beats, ventricular finbrillation nd bundle branch blocks

Treatment :
•Stomach wash
•Injection strychnine, digitalin and atropine
•Treatment of arryhthmias
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