Digitalis purpurea (fox glove)

Route :
Roots, leaves and seeds have the active principle- glycosides They are cumulative poisons
Fatal Period :
1- 24 hours
Mechanism of action :
Act directly on the heart and improve the functioning of a failing heart, when taken in therapeutic doses. Death occurs due to cardiovascular collapse
Clinical Picture :
•Anorexia, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
•Decreased heart rate, may be heart blocks, extra systoles and ventricular fibrillations
•ECG- flat or inverted T wave, depression of ST segment, prolonged PR interval and shortened QT interval
•Slow and sighing respiration
•Pupils dilated
•Visual disturbances
•Itching on skin
•May be delirium, hallucinations, convulsions and cardiac standstill

Treatment :
•Stomach wash with tannic acid solution
•Bowels should be evacuated
•Activated charcoal in repeated doses
•Atropine 0.6mg i.v. for bradycardia
•Procainamide, quinidine or lignocaine for fibrillation
•Trisodium EDTA to lower serum calcium
•Potassium chloride
•i.v. glucose
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