Calotropis gigantea {akdo, madar} has purple flowers and Calotropis procera has white flowers. They grow in the wild throughout India.
The active principles are uscharin, calotoxin, calactin and calotropin {glycoside}. The milky juice in addition contains trypsin. The leaves and stem when incised yield thick acrid, milky juice.
Route :
Ingestion, Contact
Fatal Dose :
Fatal Period :
6 to 12 hours
Clinical Picture :
When applied to the skin, it causes redness and vesication. When taken by mouth, the juice produces an acrid, bitter taste, and burning pain in the throat and stomach, salivation, stomatitis, vomiting, diarrhoea, dilated pupils, tetanic convulsions, collapse and death.
Treatment :
Stomach wash, demulcents and symptomatic treatment.
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