Potassium Permanganate

It occurs as dark-purple, slender crystals and has a sweet astringent taste. It is a powerful oxidizing agent and is used as a disinfectant.

Route :
Fatal Dose :
5 to 10 g.
Fatal Period :
few hours
Mechanism of action :
In strong solution or in the solid state, it acts as a corrosive or strong irritant` while after absorption it causes paralysis of the heart. It causes coagulation necrosis and brown discolouration of mucous membranes.
Clinical Picture :
Burning pain from them mouth to the stomach, nauseas, vomiting, intense thirst, difficulty in speaking or swallowing, dyspnoea, stridor and a persistent spasmodic cough. The lips, gums, teeth, tongue, tonsils and pharynx are discoloured, inflamed and superficially corroded. If seen soon after poisoning, the colour is purple-brown, but it becomes brown or dark brown in a few minutes, and later coal-black due to the formation of manganese dioxide. Shock is sometimes severe and there may be immediate collapse.
Treatment :
1} Gastric lavage should be continued till the washings are colowebsiteess` 20 percent sodium thiosulphate should be used for the initial washings.
2} Demulcents
3} Medicinal charcoal
4} Symptomatic treatment
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