Cannabis Sativa or Indica (Indian hemp) (Marijhuana)

Cannabis preparations are used as medicine, intoxicants, aphrodisiac, hypnotic and analgesic. Though cannabis can lead to tolerance and addiction, there is no physical deterioration or with drawl effects. All parts of the plant are poisonous

1. Bhang: dried leaves and fruiting shoots are ground with sugar and black pepper and taken as pill or beverages {thandai}.
2. Majun: is the confection {Laddoo} prepared from bhang after treatment with sugar, flour, milk and butter. It produces euphoria
3. Ganja: is the flowering tops of the female plant is rusty brown in color and is smoked with tobacco. Person feels heavy, lazy and there is day dreaming
4. Charas {Hasish}: is the concentrated resin obtained from leaves or stem. is dark green or brown in color and is smoked with tobacco. It is most potent among cannabis

Route :
Ingestion or inhalation
Fatal Dose :
12 hours
Fatal Period :
2gms/kg for charas, 8 gms/kg for ganja, 10gms/kg
Mechanism of action :
Active principle: is an oleoresin – tetra hydro cannabinol {THC}
Clinical Picture :
• Stage of excitement: person is pleased, cheerful, well, talkative through rarely running amok. There is increase appetite, depression of higher centres, loss of perception of time and space, hallucinogens. The typical smell is burnt rope.

• Stage of narcosis: Giddiness, confusion, drowsiness, dilated pupil, tingling and numbness. In sever poisoning, there is generalized anaesthesia and coma.
In chronic poisoning there is anorexia, general weakness, emaciation, trembling, moral and mental deterioration and insanity

Treatment :
• Stomach wash
• Symptomatic
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