Fuels ( kerosene, petrol and naphthalene)

All important fuels are hydrocarbons derived from petroleum
Route :
Ingestion, chronic inhalation
Fatal Dose :
kerosene – 15 to 30ml, petrol – 10 ml
Fatal Period :
few hours
Mechanism of action :
• They depress CNS and act as irritants, because they dissolve fat
• The effect on liver, kidney and bone marrow may be due to contaminants as benzene. Benzene is a human carcinogen

Clinical Picture :
• Kerosene taste and smell
• Chronic contact with skin causes eczematoid dermatitis with redness and inflammattion
• Burning in upper GIT
• Nausea, vomiting, colicky pain and diarrhea
• Respiration slow and shallow, cyanosis, bronchopneumonia and pulmonary edema
• Photophobia, redness in eyes
• CNS depression and convulsions and coma
• Pupils initially constricted and finally dilated

Treatment :
• Stomach wash with warm water or sodium bicarbonate
• 250 ml liquid paraffin orally – dissolves kerosene and slows its absorption, followed by saline cathartic
• If inhaled- oxygenation and artificial respiration
• Symptomatic
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