Nicotine (Tobacco)

The dried leaves are used as article of luxury by almost all classes of people in the form of smoke, snuff or chewing
Route :
Inhalation, ingestion or absorption from skin
Fatal Dose :
1-2 drops of pure nicotine; 15-30gms of crude tobacco
Fatal Period :
1-2 drops of pure nicotine; 15-30gms of crude tobacco
Mechanism of action :
Active principle: Nicotine and nicotinanine

Mechanism of action: It stimulates and then depresses and later paralysis the cells of peripheral ganglion, brain {especially mid brain} and spinal cord. Skeletal muscles including the diaphragm are paralysed.

Clinical Picture :
•Burning and acid sensation in upper GIT
•GIT irritation
•Giddiness, faintness, numbness, muscle weakness, tremors, cold clammy skin, unconsciousness
•Confusion and incoordination
•Pupils constricted initially, later dilated
•Pulse, BP and respiration are increased
•Chronic smoking in heavy smokers and those working in tobacco industries

Treatment :
•Stomach wash
•Antidote: Mecamylamine is given orally
•Injection atropine
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