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Sacral Lesions

Sofia Reis*, Paulo Morais**
*Department of Pediatrics and **Department of Dermatology, Tondela-Viseu Hospital Center, Viseu, Portugal

Address for Correspondence: Sofia Reis, Department of Pediatrics, Av. Rei D. Duarte, 3504-509 Viseu, Portugal. E-mail:

A 16-month-old male infant presented with sacral lesions, without apparent itching, with 1-week evolution. On physical examination, he had clustered pinkish papular lesions located in the sacral area and intergluteal cleft, some of them isolated (Figure 1). Mother was examined by a gynecologist and she had no anogenital lesions. His brother had multiple molluscum contagiosum (MC) lesions scattered over the body and both brothers usually bathed together.

Is it molluscum contagiosum infection or condyloma acuminata?

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