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Staring Episodes in a 10-year old Boy

Anutosh Shee
Department of Pediatrics, North West Regional Hospital, Burnie, Australia

Address for Correspondence: Dr Anutosh Shee, 23 Brickport Road, Park Grove, Tasmania 7320 Australia. Email:

A 10-year old previously healthy boy presented with multiple, daily, brief staring episodes with some humming noise and inability to carry out the things what he was doing, each lasting for about less than a minute, for the last few months. He recovers abruptly after the events and cannot anticipate and recollect these episodes. He has had no falls, stiffening of the body or any funny feeling in his stomach or taste sensation with these events. He denies any headache. There is no recent change in his behaviour or school performance. He has normal neurological examination including ophthalmological examination. The MRI brain is shown here in Figure 1.

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