Spot Diagnosis
Serpentine Skin Lesion on Foot with Intense Itching

Figure 1. Local edema with raised erythematous serpentine lesion on the right foot.

Nuno Oliveira1, Rita Lacerda Vidal2, Sónia Regina Silva1

Keywords : Cutaneous larva migrans, dermatosis, Ancylostoma

Question :
A 2-year-old boy presented with a linear wandering erythematous lesion on the right foot for 2 days. The lesion had been rapidly increasing in size forming a serpiginous tract with erythema and was intensely pruritic. Examination revealed a slightly raised erythematous serpentine lesion and local edema on the right foot (Figure 1). During the examination, the patient's mother informed us of their recent trip to Brazil, where they visited a beach that had stray dogs, and from which they had returned the day before. The patient was treated with 400mg of oral Albendazole once a day for 5 days and due to severe pruritus also received oral Desloratadine 1.25mg once a day. The lesion totally disappeared with treatment.

What is the diagnosis?
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