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Launched in 2000, Pediatric Oncall is the world's leading and Asia's first and largest child health and pediatric platform. Today, it has evolved into an online community where both doctors and parents come together to share their experiences and exchange views on child health issues. With over 60,000 registered doctors and a lakh of parents accessing the site, Pediatric Oncall has become an information bank with more than 1.3 lakh hits/day.

This huge traffic of active users presents a tremendous opportunity for marketers and promoters to engage the online community in a meaningful interaction with the users and reach out to them in a scientific manner.

Features for powerful brand building:
  • Multiple site sections are visible on every page to encourage users to spend more time on our site and navigate within the pages.
  • Design flexibility opens up new sponsorship and ad serving opportunities to give advertisers more customization and exclusivity.
  • Seamless integration with our printed properties allows in-book and online features to compliment and enhance each other.
  • Sponsored sections focus content on key stages and give heavily searched topics their own home.
  • Cool Tools highlight exclusive features like the VACCINE REMINDER, DIAGNOSTIC AID, BLOG and CALCULATORS.
  • Pediatric Oncall's free newsletters are a way to stay in touch with busy doctors / parents, while providing information that is important to them.

Marketing Opportunities on Pediatric Oncall:
Pediatric Oncall can be accessed to impact and target users in four different ways:
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Ads
  • Corporate Blog
  • Contests
  • Content Section Advertising
  • Sponsored sections
Display Advertising:
The categorized content on Pediatric Oncall enables marketers and advertisers to customize their campaigns, achieve communication objectives and target potential users. It is an ideal platform for brand awareness.

Ad Format Unit Size File Types Max File Size Max Animation
Flash .jpg / .gif
Leaderboard 728 x 90 .swf / .jpg / .gif 30KB 15KB 15 seconds
Skyscraper 160 x 600 .swf / .jpg / .gif 30KB 15KB 15 seconds
Island 300 x 250 .swf / .jpg / .gif 30KB 15KB 15 seconds
Banner 468 x 60 .swf / .jpg / .gif 30KB 15KB 15 seconds

Video Ads:
You can also play video ads on Pediatric Oncall. The Island format has been enhanced with a video player.

Content Section Advertising:
Exclusive advertising on our site tools: VACCINE REMINDER, IMAGE GALLERY, DIAGNOSTIC DILEMMA, and more.

Sponsored Sections:
Sponsored portion of the site dedicated to a specific topic such as cold and flu season or diarrhea or nutrition.

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