Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction

Eswaran Subramaniam
Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction - Introduction
Contrary to common idea prevalent in the public, substance use is extremely wide spread. So is substance abuse. It is not a small problem, restricted to the purview of the weak and vile. The usage of drugs transcends race, gender, age, or socioeconomic status. The health burdens as well the economic & legal problems consequent to substance abuse (for the individual as well as to the society) is too high to be ignored by any one of us. Its ramifications in children (secondary to use by parents) & adolescent health as well as subsequent adult health needs special attention and parents and adolescents need to play an important role to avoid becoming victims to these difficult problems. Cigarette smoking is responsible for about 80% of deaths from lung cancer and 20% of heart disease deaths each year. About one-third of AIDS cases and the majority of hepatitis C cases can be traced to intravenous drug use. The incidence of HIV & tuberculosis among the drug abusers is very high. Many serious accidents are commonly related to alcohol/drug use. Health care isn’t the only cost involved in substance abuse. Also significant are the consequences of people’s actions while they are involved with drug-use. Drug abuse is implicated in about half of all major crimes, and drug-related offenses often land adults in jails. Despite our best efforts, most problems related to substance abuse keep growing with time.

Substances include prescribed medications, alcohol, over-the-counter medications, caffeine, nicotine, steroids, illegal drugs etc. Substances may be used as mental stimulants, calming agents, energising, improving memory & concentration, for pain relief, as a hypnotic and so on.

Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction 02/29/2016
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