Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction

Eswaran Subramaniam
Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction - Investigations
For the physical problems associated with usage: Lab tests like Complete blood count, Liver function tests, ECG, Renal function tests, Electrolytes, radiological imaging etc. are often used routinely. Additional tests may be needed appropriately. (Example: Gamma- Glutamyl-Transferase (GGT), Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV), Carbohydrate deficient transferrin (% CDT) in the case of alcohol related problems. Toxicology screens may also be needed (emergencies).
Psychological screening tests & rating scales like CAGE questionnaire, SMAST, AUDIT, Beck’s Depression inventory (BDI), Hospital Anxiety & Depression Scale (HADS), Rating Scales for Pain, Sleep , and several others to be used appropriately.

Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction 02/29/2016
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