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Complications of Achondroplasia
Achondroplasia is a non-lethal condition and Life expectancy remains overall unaffected. Also, they can function independently in the community to a large extent with appropriate adaptations. However, certain complications can increase the morbidity and mortality of the disease as follows: A) During infancy, the risk of death is significantly increased due to central apnoea secondary to compression effects of the craniocervical junction. B) Cardiovascular complications secondary to obesity can increase the prospect of death in young adults with achondroplasia. C) Recurrent otitis media can cause hearing deficits which may compromise the language development. D) Also, fatal sudden upper airway obstruction can occur secondary to the anatomical changes as discussed above. E) Neurological complications of symptomatic hydrocephalus during infancy and worsening lumbar spinal stenosis (cord compression) during adulthood can be debilitating sequelae.

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