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How Do You Prevent Contractures?
Contractures usually occur due to extension of burns over a joint limiting movement. Skin tightness may be the first sign of a contracture and anti contracture positioning may be required for 24 hours a day. Exercises to stretch or elongate the skin are recommended. Sometimes surgical procedures like release of the band area (z-plasty) may be required. Before surgery, casting of the limb may be required as a constant stretch is applied by the cast to elongate the skin.

Compression garments are worn over the burnt area. Compression can also be given by splints, orthoses and casts. Compression garments help the burn heal with minimum amount of scarring by pressing and flattening the scars. Compression is given for 22-23 hours a day. It is required until almost 12-18 months post- burn or till the burn completely heals (matures).

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