Acute Abdomen

Ira Shah
Acute Abdomen - Investigations
- Abdominal X-Ray/Chest X-Ray erect: Look for bowel obstruction calcification, free air and lower lobe pneumonia. Also soft tissue mass may be seen
- Ultrasound of both pelvis and upper abdomen: For hepatobiliary, renal and gynaecological pathology
- Complete blood count: Increased in case of necrosis, bacterial infection, abscess.
- Peripheral smear for HUS, Sickle cell.
- Urine examination for UTI, porphyria

Additional investigations
- Serum Amylase/lipase: for pancreatitis
- Blood cultures
- Beta HCG
- CT scan for abdomen
- Stool examination for worm infestation

Acute Abdomen Acute Abdomen 02/23/2001
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