Lump In Abdomen

Vivek M Rege
Pediatric Surgeon & Pediatric Urologist Sir Hurkisondas Hospital, Mumbai, India
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Patient Education

This is one condition, which must NEVER be taken casually - you may regret later. The day, the parent feels a mass in the abdominal cavity accidentally or otherwise, the child must be shown to a Pediatric Surgeon as soon as possible. The commonest mode by which the mass is felt is when bathing the child or dressing the child. The vital importance is to know at the earliest what the mass is.

A proper history and a thorough examination by a Pediatric Surgeon will help to approximate the likely organ of origin of the mass i.e. liver, kidney, intestines, etc. A simple, non-painful investigation: Sonography gives a lot of information. Firstly, it tells whether the mass is fully solid - a normal organ like the liver or spleen is enlarged or it may be suggestive of some tumor, or full of fluid like a liver cyst, liver abscess, a kidney full of obstructed urine (hydronephrosis), etc. Secondly, it also gives the organ from which the mass is arising and information on how large (size) the mass is, the local spread, etc. Once the origin and extent are known, other blood tests can be done which are specific from that organ point of view. For better details of the solid mass, a CT or MRI needs to be done. The reason for all this hurry is that the mass can be cancer - there are certain cancers that can be present from birth, gradually grow and if not detected and treated in time can be fatal. On the other hand, if operated and given chemotherapy these children can lead a normal life without requiring further medicines.

Lump In Abdomen

Lump in Abdomen Lump in Abdomen 2015-08-01
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