Congenital Leukemia & Hypoplastic Preleukemia

Bharat R Agarwal
Congenital Leukemia
Leukemia diagnosed from birth to 6 weeks of age is defined as congenital leukemia. This is a rare disease. Its etiology is unknown. Congenital leukemia has been associated with:
- Trisomy 7
- Turner's syndrome
- Mosaic trisomy 9
- Mosaic monosomy 7
A few examples of congenital JMML have been reported.

A small number of patients who ultimately develop acute leukemia are initially diagnosed as having aplastic anemia. The illness is characterized by :
- Pancytopenia or single cytopenia
- Hypocellular bone marrow
- No hepatosplenomegaly

Diagnosis of leukemia 1-9 months after onset of symptoms.
In 1-2% of childhood leukemias, the presentation includes initial marrow failure and may represent 5% of childhood acquired aplastic anemia.

Congenital Leukemia & Hypoplastic Preleukemia Congenital Leukemia & Hypoplastic Preleukemia 01/04/2001
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